How to Print Stickers

Stickers are so much fun! 😍

So, let’s get you printing them out, ASAP.


To Print Stickers:

Stickers are super easy to print at home. You can buy sticker paper in white or clear depending on the project you have in mind.

The key is knowing what kind of printer you have and matching it to the paper you’ll need. Use ink-jet paper if you have an ink-jet printer, and laser paper if you have a laser printer. You get the picture.😉


To Cut Stickers:

Cutting stickers is easy too. You can use scissors, an exacto knife, a Cricut, or another cutting machine like it. Whatever makes you happy! ✂️

If you have kids, get them in on the fun and let your imaginations go wild!


However, you go about it, I pray your stickers will bless and inspire you today!